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1. Company Profile
DXR Science and Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd ( Original name is Yue Wing Cheong Manufactory, Ltd) is a private-owned company, specializing in the manufacturing of high-grade School binders, Pencil case, Camera case, Backpacks, I phone case, I pad case, Travel Bags, Diaper Bags, Purses, Cosmetic Bags, Sports Bags, Cooler Bags, Dish Carriers, Water Bottle Carriers, Lunch Bags, Handbags, etc, all of which are mainly exported to the US, the EU, as well as the high and mid grade markets nationwide. So far, great business achievements have been made, based on the long-standing cooperation with its business partners. Now we OEM for many famous brands like, Manfrotto, Mead, Caselogic, Thule, Belkin, Targus etc,. Having been established in 1981,now has about 500 workers, the company covers a ground area of 20000 square meters for its factories and office buildings, located in an advantageous environment.
By sticking to its operation principles of “People-Orientation”, “Integrity First”, “Customer Focus” and “Striving for Excellence”, the company has long been dedicated to offering more satisfactory services.
2.Business competitiveness
(1)more than 20 years experience in Cut and Sew production, we can be more professional.
(2) As an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for many well-known brands worldwide such as: Manfrotto, Mead, Caselogic, Thule, Belkin, Merkury innovations and Targus etc, we can guarantee better quality.
(3) We possess fully-equipped workshops with 350 flat sewing machines, 40 high flat sewing machines, 12 computer-controlled machines and 9 Cutting machines, with an annual production of over 2,000,000 high quality bags.
(4) With an annual production of over 2,000,000 high quality leather bags, we can guarantee high output.
3.Quality Policy
(1)Careful Selection of Raw Materials:
The quality of often determined by the raw materials. It is of vital importance to strictly control the material purchasing process. We always carefully select high quality fabrics and accessory materials.
(2) Elaborate Manufacturing: We pursue “Flawlessness”, striving for excellence in each process such as: design, pattern making, rough shape cutting, sewing, finishing, packing and delivery.
(3) Quality and Excellence: By adhering to the people-oriented approach, we provide regular trainings to our staff, aiming to strengthen staff's quality awareness, improve production efficiency, and gradually perfect our management system. Together we work to improve product quality step by step, in a down-to-earth attitude, in order to build an excellent brand with high-quality products.
(4) Patience and Communication: we communicate with customers in a timely and patient manner, in order to obtain a clear understanding of their requirements followed by their confirmation. Internal communication among departments and colleagues is also required to ensure instructions and information pass down unmistakably and that even minor details be paid adequate attention to before further actions are taken.
(5) All-around Improvement: We take customer’s advices fully into account, and make every effort to improve product quality. With the aim to meet customers’ on-going demands, we will step up efforts to develop products and strive for a greater market share.
(6)Dedicated Service: externally, we whole-heartedly provide pre-sale, sale and after-sale services, so as to ensure and achieve beyond customer satisfaction. Internally, the staff of a previous procedure would provide preparatory services to the staff of a next procedure, while the latter provide feedback in time to the former, in order to prevent occurrence of any unqualified items or products.

4. Quality Target
(1) Customer Satisfaction Rate≥98%
(2) On-time Delivery Rate≥99%
(3) Customer Complaint Handling Rate: 100%
Faced with global challenges, we resort to our own strength, innovation, quality and efforts, striving to become an important player in the bags&handbag industry.
Welcome all new and old customers to visit us for business negotiation!

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